FOCAS is on the ground assessing threats to tropical forest ecosystems and implement REDD+ oriented business models to protect them. Our company is interested in Savanna grasslands and woodlands, including Miombo, Afomontane, Baikiaea plurijuga complexes, and wetlands, whether natural or humanmade.

When it comes to efforts to produce forest carbon offsets and reversing deforestation, there’s no substitute for a rigorous and detailed feasibility and baseline studies. The studies involve a scientific breakdown of biomass stocks and a thorough understanding of local governance institutions. FOCAS specializes in assessing above-ground below ground carbon stock in all types of forests, including but not limited to Miombo, Mopane, Baikiaea plurijuga complexes and Afromontane. FOCAS leverages its team on the ground in Zimbabwe to evaluate project potential and quickly provide information critical to determining the business case for restoration projects, particularly REDD+ oriented approaches

We do feasibility studies for REDD+ projects. Rapid GIS assessments with our in-house team Automated carbon credit calculations Drone-based aerial surveys


Remote Sensing and GIS, forest monitoring and impact monitoring

the verification process of VCS and CCBs

sampling process used to produce Carbon inventory estimates

pre-viability studies and analyses of potential locations for new REDD+ projects

project designs and ensuring the designs adhere to relevant standards and regulations

consulting service to existing and potential customers

providing technical insight to further the REDD+ Framework in Africa

data collection of biodiversity monitoring activities

development of the company’s database and data systems


Mobile Data Collection

Data Analysis and Report Writing

Community Engagement

Brokerage and Negotiation

Rapid Rural Appraisal

Grants and Funding

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