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Forest Carbon Alliance for Sustainability

What we do

We partner with governments and multi-national enterprises to help local communities reverse deforestation with the aim of reversing global warming via promoted growth of forest-based carbon sequestration. Our work uses the REDD+ model.


A world where forests are restored to take back their leading position in carbon sequestration to deliver a global-warming free earth for all.


To conserve and restore forest ecosystems in partnerships with government, multi-national companies and the local communities and through promoting the rights, territories, traditional knowledge and sustainable livelihoods of local communities that co-exist with the forest..

Trymore Muderere (MPhil)

Cofounder, CEO, Specialist: Landuse Planning

Paradzayi Tagwireyi (Ph.D)

Cofounder, Managing Director, REDD+ Methodology

Annah Zivumbwa (MA)

Board member, Specialist: Rural Development

Ashley Makore (BSc)

Board Member, Community Engagement

Nyasha Chigume (BSc)

Board member, Specialist: GIS and Remote Sensing

Varaidzo Moyo (BSc)

Specialist: Public Health, Water Sanitation and Health

Prince Chikwara (BSc)

Specialist: Environmental Modelling